I want to make a return/exchange but don't have the receipt...What can I do?

Last Updated a year ago

Don't worry, we can still help!

As long as you're within 30 days of the original purchase; here's what you need to do:

Personal Purchases

In the event you've lost/misplaced your receipt, bring the item(s) you wish to return/exchange into the store. We'll then ask you when you purchased the item(s); so we can search our database to verify this.

In this case, we will not offer any refund for the goods, but will still happily offer any exchange you may wish for goods to equal or greater value of the returned item (any difference in price must be paid if the value is greater).

Note: All items returned must be in the same condition as sold, for example: all tags/labels must be present; clothing items must be in an unworn and unwashed condition etc.


In the event that someone has gifted you an item from us (it doesn't fit / you don't like it etc.); all you need to do is bring it into the store and we'll be able to exchange the goods for item(s) at equal or greater value (any difference in price must be paid if the value is greater).

Any in store purchases requesting a return outside the 30 day returns period will be entirely at our discretion.

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