Why isn't my payment being accepted?

Last Updated 5 months ago

There are multiple reasons that your card payment may not be accepted. Typically an error will be presented which will briefly describe the problem.

A few things to check are listed below:

Billing Details

When our website requests your billing details some of those details may be provided to your card provider for card holder verification.

This will verify for example that your postal code matches the postal code that your card provider has on file.

In addition other data may be checked such as ensuring your billing country matches the country listed by the card provider.

Account Balance

Check to ensure your account has the balance available to pay for the transaction.

Card Holder Location

If your device or computer appears to be visiting from a different country than the country that provided your card then there is a potential that your card provider may reject the transaction for security purposes.

Accepted Currencies

If you're purchasing using a currency that your card provider doesn't support it's possible that your card provider is not allowing the transaction to proceed in a different currency than is accepted by your card provider.

Security Reasons

In some rare cases, your card provider may block your card from having transactions. Unfortunately only your card provider can resolve this issue.

We recommend you contact your card provider in this case.

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