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If you've not been receiving emails from our help centre or online store, don't panic. In most cases you have received the email, it's simply been hidden by your provider.

We've listed all the issues we've faced since we started our business below.

Check your spam or junk folder

In our experience by far the most common issue is simply our email has been placed into your spam or junk folder.

If you find our emails here, simply click the "not spam/junk" button and it should prevent any future emails from us landing in your filtered mail.

Your mail provider might be "greylisting" us

Sometimes, mail providers may use an anti-spam tactic known as "greylisting". In simplified terms, this means your mail provider rejects our email the first time we try to deliver it and tells us to come back later.

When we come back later as requested, your mail provider would then accept the email and place it in your account.

This simply results in a slower mail delivery, but doesn't cause any harm. You'll still receive our mail, it just might be a bit slow.

You might have made a typo in your email address

Sometimes, you may have simply typed your email address incorrectly, a simple typo is all it takes.

For example typing ".oc" instead of ".co".

Unfortunately if this is the case, the original mails are lost. If you think you might have placed an order using an incorrect email address, please open a new ticket and let us know.

Our mail server might be down for maintenance

Since our systems require maintenance to stay up to date and secure, from time to time we may need to pull our systems offline temporarily to perform that maintenance.

Our website performs a check for this when you place an order and if our website was unable to communicate with our mail server then a message would be provided letting you know the email was not sent to you.

Thankfully, maintenance occurs late at night and rarely requires us taking our systems offline, so for most UK users this shouldn't be an issue that you face often.

Your mail provider might be blocking us

Sadly, in some very rare cases mail providers may chose to outright block our emails to you. Typically mail providers are doing this in your best interest to prevent spam, but sometimes mistakes happen and the wrong servers get blocked.

If this is the case, there's nothing we can do about this on our end.

So why does this happen?

We run our entire online infrastructure using our own dedicated servers. That means we manage our website services, email services and various other services all on our own without using large providers to manage them.

We do this to ensure we can keep your data secure and keep full control of our systems, only we can configure and access our systems.

While this is always great for security and data control, it does have the draw back of our mail servers being sometimes deemed as "unknown" to large providers due to a very low number of emails being sent from our systems in comparison to a large provider.

However, we always do what we can to try to mail delivery issues, such as being in a whitelist and keeping to the best practices.

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