Layaway Terms & Conditions

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We provide our in-store layaway our service to you based on the following simple terms and conditions. By using our layaway scheme you agree to these terms.

Scheme Activation

Activating your scheme is a simple process that we try to ensure is accessible to everyone, we require a £5.00 non-refundable deposit per item placed on layaway. Your first layaway will activate your account.

Layaway accounts can only be created by those aged 18 or over, and an identity check may be performed in some cases to verify.

Identity Checks

We may sometimes request Photo ID to verify you are you. Any ID is acceptable, be it a college pass, driving license or passport. So long as it has your photo and your name on it. It's good!


For each product placed on layaway you must pay a non-refundable deposit of £5.00 per item onto your layaway account.

Rather than a product count limit, we limit your account to a maximum total layaway value. This value can be made up of a single item or multiple items. The initial layaway value limit is £120, this value is tied to your account and may be reviewed occasionally dependant on your account activity.

A layaway consists of a single receipt, for example if you wish to have multiple items on layaway they must be placed on layaway at the same time.

Your activation non-refundable deposit will be counted towards your new total purchase value. For example, if you layaway a product worth £30.00, you'll need to pay the initial £5.00 deposit, after this you'll only need to pay an additional £25.00 to complete your layaway purchase.

Additional Layaways

You may only have one layaway active at a time. So you'll need to complete your previous layaway before starting your next one.

Once you’ve completed your current layaway you may start a new layaway which will register against your customer card.

But please keep your new customer card as all layaways will be registered against this card!

Layaway Time Limit

Your layaway will be held by our store for a maximum of 20 weeks, within this time frame you may pay at your own pace as long as the full payment is made within this time period.

Unfortunately if you are unable to complete your layaway within the time scale your current layaway will be automatically cancelled and you will be contacted to arrange a refund of any money paid towards your outstanding balance minus the deposit fees.

However, we also reserve the right to extend the layaway time on a customer by customer basis for exceptional circumstances.

Layaway Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel your layaway account at any time. If you haven't currently got any items put on layaway simply return your customer card and we will deactivate your scheme.

If you've still got items put on layaway we will provide a partial refund which excludes the £5.00 initial deposit per item paid to activate your current layaway.

If you cancel your layaway before your current layaway is completed, you will not receive any of the items you have put on layaway.

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