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We take the protection of your online privacy and security seriously at Eternal Goth and our Privacy Policy sets out how we use and protect any personal information we obtain from providing you with support using this website. Eternal Goth is not responsible for the privacy practices of any websites which may be linked from our Help Centre, so please check their policies separately.

What personal information do you collect?

We only collect personal information which is required in order to provide our support services to you. We may collect any of the following information in order to provide you with help and provide you with a comfortable experience here at Eternal Goth.

If you've created a ticket, or an account using our help centre the following information will be collected:

  • Your name, email address and optional encrypted password hash.
  • We may also optionally collect your phone number if you provide it.
  • All of the details and your full message that you provide to us when you open a new ticket.
  • Your devices public IP address
  • Your devices web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.)
  • The pages you have visited

If you've emailed us and a ticket was automatically created based on your email the following information has been collected:

  • Your name and email address
  • The contents of the email you have sent us (your question)

If you only use this website to browse help articles and don't create a support ticket or account then the following information will be collected:

  • Your computers public IP address
  • Your computers web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.)
  • The pages you have visited

What do you use my personal information for?

We only collect your personal information for the sole purpose of providing you with our services. To be specific we use your information to:

  • Facilitate your use of this website and the services available through it
  • When you open a ticket, we use your information to answer your questions and provide the support you requested.
  • If you've requested an item return, we'll use your information to process your return.

Some information such as your web browser and pages visited are stored in our server logs for security purposes, after a period of time this information is automatically deleted.

Who do you share my personal information with?

We're pleased to say in most cases we don't share any of the information provided to us via our help centre.

However, depending on the requirements of your help request we may need to pass some of the information your provide to a third party.

Below is a list of parties we believe we may need to share your information with.

If we've had to contact you due to an undelivered item, or you've contacted us due to an undelivered item, we may need to further contact the delivery courier on your behalf.

We may need to provide them with additional information, such as an updated postal code in order to correct delivery problems.

We will only provide a courier with information strictly necessary in order to help your item get delivered, they will not receive further information from your messages or other personal information you may have provided.

UK Authorities
In the event that we are court ordered to provide your information to the UK Authorities we may provide them with that that we hold about you, however we do not provide data without a valid court order.

How long will you hold my data?

We will store your data for the entire duration that your account is deemed active or until you request that we remove your account. We consider an active account to be an account that has been logged into or used to request help within the last 2 years.

If an account has not been logged into or used to request help within the last 2 years the data held by us for that account will be permanently deleted in such a way the data cannot be recovered.

If you have chosen to have your account removed then your account and the data held within will be deleted immediately upon receiving the request. In some cases we may require proof that you are the account holder if we have valid reason to believe otherwise.

What do you do to protect my personal information?

We ensure that our servers are as secure as they can possibly be as we aim to provide a secure service. A small selection of the things we do to provide a secure service are listed below.

  • All passwords are encrypted before being stored on our servers
  • Mandatory strong employee passwords and 2FA
  • All of our servers and computers are entirely self-managed and configured by our own trusted employees
  • SSL and VPNs are used throughout our entire web infrastructure to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Security-Enhanced Linux (A policy based Access Control System) is enabled and used on all servers holding customer information.
  • Misbehaving IP addresses are dropped automatically at the firewall level
  • We ensure all our systems are kept up to date with the latest security patches at all times

These aren't the only things we do, but rather a basic list of a few things we do, we do a lot more in addition to this to help ensure a secure service is provided, naturally we're not going to list everything for security reasons.

What cookies do you store on my computer?

We only store cookies which are strictly necessary for website operation.

Below is the full list of cookies we set on your computer and their purpose.

Cookie Name Purpose and usage.
OSTSESSID This very important session cookie ensures the website knows who you are, allowing functions such as being logged in and viewing your tickets to be possible.
cnotify This cookie is set when you click "Got It!" on cookie notification to hide it.

If you find any other cookies set by us on your computer please notify us.

Other Information

If you would like clarification, or have a question of your own, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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